Mark Sproul – Director

I’ve spent my career working within marketing, communications and IT and have developed experience across SMEs, Higher Education sector and Government amassing over fifteen years of experience. Over the last 10 years much of my skills and knowledge development has focused on digital transformation ensuring customer needs are reflected in service delivery encompassing brand development, digital marketing and conversion, digital development and IT programme management. And in April 2014 I decided to launch Sproul-Digital to provide a service that distills what I know into a service that offers real value to clients.

I pride myself on a strategic approach ensuring that I deliver creative and impactful result that is measurable and demonstrates value.

Mark’s web and social media links

  • Read more about my skills and experience over on my LinkedIn Profile.
  • Follow me on Twitter MSproul-Digital for some of my thoughts and useful tips from others.
  • Read my DigitalHigherEd blog for experiences of HigherEducation marketing.

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