Eventbrite vs Eventzilla: online booking and payment

In my previous blog Eventbrite vs Eventzilla in March 2013 I shared my experiences of using both services for a local community cinema project Balerno Village Screen that I set up the website and digital channels for.

Our events are free to attend and at the time although the services looked very similar at the front end I found constraints around the back end in services and flexibility with Eventzilla.

However, for some of our animation workshops this year we moved from free online reservation (our cinema model) to taking online payment (our workshop model) and that’s where these services start to make their money as they charge a percentage to facilitate this.

I did further investigation of the two services and am pleased to report that many of the issues and frustrations I had with Eventzilla previously have been rectified and overall the service has been improved – in my view they have closed the gap considerably.

That said, I still elected to go with Eventbrite for our paid for online tickets – although it is marginally more expensive the process is simpler and it can get set up more quickly. So on this occasion we elected to stick with Eventbrite plus they’ve created a nice little online booking widget on the twenty-fourteen wordpress theme which allows online booking to be embedded as a feature on the website which is a rather nice touch!

Visit the Balerno Village Screen website to see how it works.

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