Harlaw Hydro crowd-funding success

It is fantastic to have a client that are achieving on the national stage. Harlaw Hydro, a community energy project, has secured its first milestone to raise the necessary share capital via a using a crowd funding model to generate over 100% of its initial funding target and putting Balerno on the map.

On Saturday the venture was picked up in the Scotsman:

SCOTLAND’S first community-run hydro-electric energy plant is set to be made a reality after its backers managed to raise the entire funding using an innovative new crowd-funding scheme‘.

In 12 weeks Harlaw Hydro has raised £333,000 from over 200 community shareholders.

Social media especially Twitter @harlaw_hydro has performed a key role in raising awareness of this investment opportunity whilst the website has delivered an effective transaction service whilst also telling the story of this innovative project.

Simple yet very effective. Visit the Harlaw Hydro website for more information.



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